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Futuristic employers like you are using Screenify to make hiring efficient & save costs for their team!

What truly sets Screenify apart is its advanced screening capabilities. The ability to customize screening criteria has been particularly valuable, ensuring that we find the right fit for our team.

Read how Sales Clover cut their Screening time by 50%

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General Manager

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Efficient & Fast Screening

Save hours in screening, scheduling & collecting feedback for interviews to reduce your overall time to hire and provide the best candidate experience in the industry.

Customize AI Interviews

Provide your own custom screening criteria to be used by our AI interviewer to vet talent.

Auto-pilot Mode

Configure your hiring thresholds to automatically take actions for shortlisted candidates.

Automated Feedback & Insights

Avoid chasing interviewers to get feedback. Get candidate feedback & evaluation scores instantly after interview completion.

Customized Evaluations

Provide your own assessment rubrik to be used by our AI interviewer to evaluate talent.


Get access to text and audio recordings after the interview completion.

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Consistent & Unbiased Assessments

Eliminate unconscious biases and conduct objective, measurable and consistent interviews and uplevel the fairness of your interviewing process.

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Same interviewing & evaluation criteria

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Consistent hiring bar

Works with your existing tools

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Application Tracking System


Application Tracking System


Application Tracking System

How It Works?

Our 3-step simple process makes it easier than ever to get started with using Screenify


Setup your Role

Login to your Screenify account and setup the role and the details of interview for screening candidates. You can also provide your own questions!


Invite Candidates

Link your Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to automatically send interview invites. If you don't have one, you can use Screenify to invite candidates. And then sit back & relax!


Make Hiring Decisions

Once candidates complete interviews, check the feedback, scores & transcripts in your Screenify account. Configure auto-pilot to automatically shortlist candidates!

Discover the Power of Our Platform

Screenify has revolutionized hiring by optimizing top-of-funnel vetting, leading to better candidate experience and improved employer productivity. With cutting-edge features and user-friendly interface, it's the ultimate solution for businesses of all sizes.


Reduction in Time to Hire


More Hiring Capacity


Scheduling Hassles


Reduction in Hiring costs

Hundreds of candidates loved interviewing with Screenify

* All our candidate feedbacks are anonymous

“It honestly was perfect. The AI interviewer understood everything that was asked even when thrown a few curveballs. It adapted to my accent too which isn’t a pure American accent. It could read the code and give syntax errors.”

“It was awesome! I was so excited. A completely new experience for me that positively surprised me. Perfect and easy! I am thrilled! Screenify is superb!”

“Nice experience. I am surprised how fluent and interactive it was...so overall I am satisfied and I have nothing to complain about.”

“Talking with Screenify was a real pleasure. He listens, he asks questions regarding what he hears, awesome. Very interesting experience.”

“It was unusual, unexpected, well organized, informative and sort of amusing.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

The interviewing bar in our company is really high, will the AI interviewer be able to meet our quality expectations?

Our AI Interviewer has been trained with thousands of interviews from some of the industry benchmark companies and interviews. We are extremely confident that our interviewer bar meets the industry standards.

Our company takes candidate interviewing experience very seriously, how do you ensure that?

Screenify helps avoid hassles of interview scheduling between candidate and interviewer by allowing candidates to attempt the interview at their own time. Additionally, we can also provide candidates with feedback and insights from the interview which are not shared with them in today's world. We are certain that these and other features of Screenify largely help with improving your candidate experience.

How is Screenify different from HackerRank & TripleByte?

HackerRank, TripleByte and other similar products are online coding and/or skills assessment platforms. Screenify, on the other hand, is an interviewing platform where you can find live and interactive interviewing experience just like a real human would do, to perform a virtual interview with a candidate.

Will I be charged if a candidate is no-show?

Ofcourse not! If a candidate doesn't show up or joins and abandons the interview, we won't charge credits for that interview. In simple terms, you are charged only for interviews that are completed and we can show you the feedback.

My company doesn't use an ATS. Can I use Screenify?

Absolutely. Other than ATS, we can also integrate with other non-ATS systems such as TypeForm, AirTable, etc. If even these don't work, you can also use our platform to share the candidate details. Reach out to us to discuss your custom integrations.

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